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See What Koko, Talking Gorilla, Wished For Her Birthday!

Meet Koko! Koko is 46-year-old Western Lowland Gorilla. She celebrates her birthday every year in company of her best friend Penny Paterson. Penny knows Koko since she was a little baby. To be more precise, from 1971. This unusual friendship started as a project.

Koko receiving birthday cards! Credit

Then 24-year-old graduate student of Stanford University, Penny met Koko at San Francisco Zoo. She knew that chimpanzees can learn ASL (American Sign Language), so, as a PhD project, she chose to teach gorilla sign language. That’s when she met a few months old baby gorilla. That’s when she met Koko. Nobody could’ve imagined that these two would become inseparable.

Incredibly yet Koko mastered even 400 signs as a baby. Each year her vocabulary grew. Today, Koko knows over 1.000 ALS signs and over 2.000 English language words. Apart from this success, even bigger one is relationship that Koko and Penny have.

Those who know Penny claim that Koko is like a child to her. They adore each other. Koko communicates with Penny about everything. About movies, food, presents and emotions.

Koko loves babies very much. Although there were attempts for Koko to become mother, that, sadly never happened. But, Koko doesn’t let that discourage her.

For this birthday Penny prepared a big surprise for Koko. What’s it about, see below:

What a surprise! Ms. Grey and Ms. Black will have very extraordinary new owner.

More information about life of Koko and Penny you can find out at The Gorilla Foundation.

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Someone Left Newly Born Puppy On The Street, But Look What Happened Next

Newly born puppy was lying alone in the street. People walked by. But then miracle happened. Volunteer from organization Howl of a dog spotted this little frozen baby. This poor puppy was just born and somebody already separated it from its mother. It wouldn’t last a day in the street. It would froze to death. Puppies can’t maintain their body temperature, they need to be in warm.
Volonteer took it, put it in her jacket and quickly went to her organiztion. Little one needed urgent help.

In the organization, this cutie was named Joy. At first, Joy only drank milk and slept. He needed time to recover from low temperatures. Puppies are, as most babies, helpless when born. They can’t see, don’t have teeth and they are very vulnerable. Over time, Joy started to gain confidence in people. Also, he got a new best friend, a plush Siberian tiger toy. These two are inseparable.

Joy stayed at organization for four months, an during that time got to know all of its inhabitants. But, two weeks before Christmas something awesome happened. Family from Netherlands wanted to adopt little Joy. Although they were 2.500 miles apart, they fell in love with him. Love knows no boundaries. And when it was time to go, Joy was accompanied by his Siberian tiger.

Loved, pampered and cared for, Joy really enjoys life. But it was a long road from abandoned puppy to a loved pet. Sadly, not all puppies have such luck.
That’s why, before you pick a dog, think about adopting one. That way you can really change someones life, as Ellen and Ricardo changed life of little Joy.

Good luck Joy!

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When Baby Elephant Fell Into Big Muddy Pond It Seemed All Was Lost, But….

We all love elephants, right? But, when “little” baby elephant fell into muddy pound, not even its mom could help. This baby was only 5 days old and really needed help.

Luckily, people from Kenya Wildlife Service & Amboseli Trust for Elephants noticed this accident and immediately decided to go to rescue.

These elephants live in Amboseli National Park, located on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Here, animals live in wild, but if they need help they can always count on it. Elephants are not only animals that live in this park. Leopard, cheetahs, wild dogs, and even crocodiles keep them company.

But, if you think it was easy to get the baby out, you’re mistaken. When born they have 260lbs. And as many as 6 people were needed to save this newly born baby. And how rescue operation went see below:

After this rescue operation was over, it was necessary to reunite mom and baby. But, all moms are alike. They are always there for their babies. When she saw her rescued baby, she ran towards it. Their reunion completely delighted me.

Amazing story, right?

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They Went To Rescue Mom And 6 Puppies, But Ended Up Rescuing Much More

Approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters across US every year. Of that, around 4 million are dogs. Sadly, due to overcrowding, many healthy dogs are put to sleep. In order to save one Rotwailer mix and her 6 babies, volunteer from one shelter called Bill Foundation. Knowing that they didn’t have much choice, they imediatelly started rescue operation.

But even at the entrance of the shelter, they realized that the situation is more then serious. In front of the shelter, a dog was tied to a bench. People often do that. Their former pets, tie up near the shelter not to pay the 25-dollar fee. People from Bill Foundation decided to take this dog too. They named her Cassidy. Every dog deserves name.

In shelter, they were taken to dog with 6 pup. But she was definitely not Rottweiler mix. It was a little terrier with her 6 pups. They couldn’t leave her either. Because of overcrowdedness in shelter, fate of the pups hung in balance.

And than were taken to Rottweiler mix. Her genial look told them immediately that she has a gentle soul.
These wonderful people couldn’t leave any of these dogs. Because every dog deserves a life and a name of course. Big Rottweiler got the name Isabel, and little terrier Willow.

Fortunately, these little muzzles are now. They will stay in Animal Medical Center until they don’t find their new home. We wish them a lot of luck.
You can watch rescue operation below:

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Chimps and iPad Magic, Is There Anything Funnier Than That?

An iPad magician, Simon Piero, preformed his magic to three monkeys. Meet 3 chimpanzees, that will try to divulge secrets of this great magician. Jenny, Andy and Mona will try to get peanut that is deeply buried in iPad. Will they succeed, you’ll see.

Simon Piero is the man who invented trick with “interactive television” in 2008, and later on became a star with interactive iPad. In short time his video was viewed 10 million times on YouTube and his performances can be seen all around the world. It all started for him when he was a little boy. He was fascinated with shell games, and today he fascinates whole world.

iPad magic is simply unbelievable and unique for us… But chimpanzees look at that, watch here:

Funny, right? Chimpanzees are amazing animals. They are smart and funny and completely charming.

They are all but stupid. On contrary, chimps are very like humans. They live in social communities, which consist of several groups, and leader is alpha male. They are only animals that use tools. And although, they still don’t know how to use iPad well, I’m sure they will learn soon enough.

With chimp we can really communicate. Famous female Washoe learned about 350 words of American Sign Language. But, I bet even she wouldn’t be able to get peanut from Simon’s iPad.

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Meet Hulk, The Largest Pit Bull In The World

Hulk is the biggest pit bull in the world today! He weighs incredible 12 stones! Beside being the largest, he is definitely one of the most beautiful dogs you’ve seen.

Credit YouTube / Barcroft

Hulk lives in New Hampshire with Marlon and Lisa Grennan and their five year old son Jordan. At home, Hulk is very cuddly, but in fact he is elite protection dog. Marlon is a head of Dark Dynasty K9s which deals with professional dog training. Although he can kill a man, Lisa says she’s not afraid of Hulk

“Breed is not important, it’s important how you train your dog.”

What would the price be for Hulk?

“Hulk has no price! I wouldn’t sell him for 10 million dollars in cash. He is family” – say Marlon.

At the beginning of 2016 Hulk became a father. An estimate is that 8 of Hulk’s puppie, if trained, can cost up to half a million dollars. But, Marlon thinks that one of the pups has a chance to surpass his dad. Meet Kobe, Hulk’s son:

Credit YouTube / Barcroft

Marlon says he had almost 40.000 offers for this dog, but he doesn’t want to give him up.

“Kobe is a star of future. He has a grate energy and balance.”

If Kobe will surpass his dad, only time will show.
Marlon’s dogs undergo serious training. He trains dogs for police and even for FEDs.

“Dogs always go through new challenges and at the end of training they are completely fearless. Nothing scares them.”

Many of their dogs leave States. They go to Grenada or even to Africa. Marlon’s dogs are all over the world, but Hulk and “little” Kobe will stay in Grannan family forever.

Do you like pit bulls?

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You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Animals Love This Amazing Zoo

You have to admit that animals crammed 24/7 into small cages is not sight that can delight any of us. Certainly not the true animal lover. That’s what often happens in zoo, animals suffer and the emphasis is always put on visitor, i.e. on us. But, that’s not the case in every zoo.

Enjoying the day in Bio Park

In Nagasaki Bio Park, it’s completely opposite. Animals are not in cages, nor separated with fences from visitors and you can pet each and every one. Of course, only if animal wants it. This is the place where wild animals live in their natural environment, where they can really enjoy life. You can play with lemurs, pet capybaras, take a picture with squirrel monkeys and simply enjoy with wild animals. You may wonder why these animals don’t escape. Well, nobody wants to run away from home surrounded by love. This amazing park covers around 74 acres and has about 2000 inhabitants.

Did you hear that in nature Guinea pigs live in larger colonies? These colonies are made of few sows and boars and their offsprings. They love to crawl through their tunnels and crevices and play all day long.
And how Guinea pigs live in Bio Park, you can watch here:

Fun, right? And why would any animal want to escape?

If road every leads you to Nagasaki, be sure to visit this awesome place. Price for the ticket is 1700 yens, which is less than $10. Also, send us a picture or two from your visit.

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Have You Ever Seen Flying Fox Babies All Covered In Blankets And With Pacifiers?

In Australia, thousands of baby flying foxes become orphans because of high temperatures. Even if they survive, these babies are, without their mothers, helpless. They cannot feed themselves alone, so, they often die only few days after their mothers. Unfortunately, flying foxes are endangered species. Because of climate change and high temperatures, they are losing their habitat. Earlier before, their colonies had up to 200.000 specimens, but nowadays things have changed for the worse.

Flying Foxes - Flickr - gailhampshire (1)
By gailhampshire from Cradley, Malvern, U.K (Flying Foxes) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In order to save as much specimens as possible, Australians had to come up with a solution. They established Australian Bat Clinic with purpose of saving as many of these babies. When they arrive to this clinic, babies are traumatized and need special care. So new job position was created, professional flying fox baby caregiver. Although we all know that for overcoming traumas and for proper care, main ingredient is love. So, some of the responsibilities of caregiver are to feed babies, pet them and cover them with blankets. Babies even get pacifiers! You may wonder why would flying fox need a pacifier? Well, pacifiers make babies more relaxed, it a replacement for mother’s breast, and enables them fast rehabilitation. All babies are alike, don’t you agree?

How is it to take care of baby flying fox, see here:

When these cuties get strong enough, they are released back to the wild. We can only wish them a lot of good luck!

On Australian Bat Clinic website you can read a lot of interesting facts about flying foxes and bats. The idea of this clinic is to bring closer wildlife, and bats especially, to everyone. After all, they are not that awful, right?

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These 9 Rescued Beagles Touched The Grass For The First Time, Their Reaction Is Priceless

Around 75.000 dogs are used each year across US for lab research. Most of them are beagles. They are small, obedient and pretty much passive. There are even breeders that raise beagles only for laboratories. Thirty-three pound dog without working vocal cords costs around $700.

Sometimes for the purpose of some research, dogs with genetic defect are deliberately bred. Dogs are mostly used in biological experiments, toxicology test and cancer studies.

Source:                       Adorable Beagle Pup   

And while most dogs are adored and treated as family members, these dogs don’t even have name. 33 pound dogs live in 8 square feet cages their whole life. They never go for a walk, don’t have fluffy pillow, nor a favourite toy. After few years under such conditions dogs often go mad.

Experiments unfortunately have a long history. First man that conducted an experiment was Christopher Wren in 1657. He injected himself with mixture of wine and opium. He survived and experiments later on became a regular practice in drug testing.

Beagle Freedom Project is fighting for every lab dog’s life. How does it look like when 9 rescued beagles see the sun and their paws touch the grass for the first time, see here:

How happy these little muzzles look like. A ball, a name and a lot of fun is what every dog deserves, because dogs are really amazing. They love people and trust us completely, and they even trust people that perform experiments on them. No dog deserves to live its whole life without love. What do you think?

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Tibetan Mastiff – Tragic Faith Of This Colossal Nomad Dog

Tibetan Mastiff is one of the largest dogs in the world, and up until recently it was the most expensive.

Tibetan mastiff puppy

Smart, stubborn and brave, on Tibet it was used as guard dog. Because of its rich coat and undercoat, it perfectly withstands harsh Himalayan climate. Although called mastiff, it has nothing to do with them. Simply, European called every large dog mastiff. And this dog is really huge. Of all the dogs in the world, he resembles the wolves the most, and as them has only one litter a year.


In 2008, Tibetan Mastiff participated for the first time in Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Since then its popularity grew and the price of its puppies skyrocketed.

The most expensive one was pure breed Big Splash sold for astonishing 1.6 million dollars. He was bought by Mr. Yang form Northern China, which made him the also the most expensive dog in the world.

In the peak of its popularity, some breeders even resorted to cosmetic interventions on these dogs in order to maximize profits.

From most expensive dog to a hot pot

Due to overbreeding, inability to adapt to urban small confinements and some reports of these dogs being aggressive, buyers  disappeared. And large number of breeders went out of the business. During 2014 demand for these dogs dramatically declined and the price fell to ONLY $2000.

Aigrette Velikiy (Tsaluma say strazce z Tibetu x Legenda Tibeta vlastelin kolets)
By Tibetan Paradise (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Situation only worsened during 2015, when 20 dogs were rescued on their way to slaughter house. Rescuers bought them off at a price of $5 each. Today, Tibet is full of abandoned Tibetan mastiffs. Huge and starving, they present bit threat to local population.

Animal Lovers, let us preserve the planet and all the living beings on it!