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The Story Of Pumpkin

According to some sources, there is around million dogs trying to survive on streets in Houston alone. This number might be exaggerated, but the fact is that there are a lot of dogs roaming the streets of Houston and many are injured, old and sick. One of them was Pumpkin. She might have stayed one forever, if one man hasn’t put her picture on Instagram.

He hang the picture, because he thought it was funny. He thought that a burned dog walking the streets is funny. Picture went viral . At some point, people who thought this picture was anything but funny, saw it. Many animal lovers started looking for this unfortunate dog. And they found her. It was Halloween. That’s way she got her name Pumpkin.


But Pumpkin wasn’t alone. She had a puppy with her. It wasn’t present on a picture. Pup was infested with flies, skin and bones and barely alive. Pumpkin had chemical wounds all over her body and they even found BB pellet near her spine. Somebody intentionally wanted to hurt this one-year-old little animal.

A whole veterinary team worked days and nights to save Pumpkin and her baby. Unfortunately, puppy was too weak and passed away. But, Pumpkin fought.

After few week Pumpkin managed to recover. One was sure. She will never return to streets again. This tiny dog didn’t stand a chance on streets.

Pumpkin was included in Corridor Rescue program. She was put in a foster home with Kelly Williams, who fell in love with Pumpkin instantly. From that point on her life became a fairy tale. And the burns, loneliness and horrors of the streets were left in distant past for this innocent dog. We hope also long forgotten.

Today, Pumpkin lives with three more dogs, in a true dog paradise. All that one dog needs, and even more, she has. In the end, Pumpkin’s story finished with happily ever after. Her foster mom decided to adopt her. It seems that this girl was, after all, born under the lucky star.

We hope that Pumpkin will live happily in her home forever.

Animal Lovers, we wish that this year all the abandoned animal find their new home.
Also, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy and share our stories this year.
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You Wouldn’t Believe How Cute Mini Zebu Is

Cows are adorable animals. With their with trusting eyes and their gentle souls they would be the perfect pet, right? There is only problem with their size as they are too big and demand large pasture for feeding.
Well, farmers across US are breeding special sort of cows that are only 35 inches tall and many people are stating to keep theses mini cows as pets.
Miniature cattle breeds are usually created by selective breeding. This is where you select smaller specimens from a breed and mix only these specimens. But, Miniature Zebu is a true breed of miniature cows, as they developed into species without human involvement.

Screenshot from Youtube

What is special about Zebu cows is that they look like fawns when fully grown. They have well developed humps, which are more prominent in males. They are very friendly, have short sleek coats and can weigh form 200 to 300 pounds.
This breed is so docile you can easily halter-train them and they are considered safe for children and elderly. They can live for up to 25 years with good care and are immune to most tropical diseases.

These mini cows are sooooo cute, you’re gonna fall in love with them instantly:

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