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This Baby Elephant Was All Alone, Then Something Great Happened

Little baby elephant “Dok Geaw” was all alone in the world. This almost two-year-old baby lost his mother. Fortunately, good people decided to contact Elephant Nature Park in an attempt to help him.

In Thailand, there are many abandoned elephants. Since 1989, teak logging of elephants have been banned, so people started abandoning elephants massively. Some have been struck with even worse fate. They were sold to be a part of tourist attraction.

In order to help these beautiful and smart animals, Lek Chailhert founded Elephant Nature Park. This is a place for rehabilitation of elephants. They are given a new chance to live in natural habitat. After the painful life they led, they easily adapt to new life in nature. Asian elephants really need help.

In 2010, there were 33 elephants. They live in herds and form very deep interpersonal relationships. Apart from elephants, dogs, cats, and even buffaloes live in this park also. All of the animals live together, without cages and fences.

This beautiful park is in Northern Thailand in Mae Taeng District. It is financed in quite unusual way. Namely, tourist can come to the park, meet the elephants, help out and pay for that. They can stay there up to 28 days, and price for seven-days visit is around $400. Splendid way to spend your vacation, right?

Beside warm welcoming park’s guests, elephants most warmly welcome new members to the herd. And how meeting of Dok Geaw and herd went, you can watch in a video below:

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Best Cat House Ever!

Peter Cohen lives at home with his 15 cats. Lot of cats, right? So, this Californian builder decided to create a true little heaven for his cat. In his house everything is subjected to his adorable fur friends.

When he moved to house, there were two cats there already that already lived outside. At first cats didn’t come into the house. But, when one was hit by the car, he decided for the other one to become indoor cat. And for her not to get lonely, he adopted few more cats. He started rescuing abandoned cats from shelters from San Diego to San Francisco. Over time their number grew to astonishing 15 and all of them are indoor cats.

Over the years since he bought the house, he decided to put his craftsmanship to work. In order for his cats to have fun, house had to undergo some serious transformation. It has special cat walks and all of the rooms are connected with tunnels that massage cats while they walk through. Amazing, right? Peter spent on cat walks alone 50 thousand dollars. There’s even a koi pond in the house with goldfish in it. And you know what? These cats have never hurt any fish. And why would they? With so many fun things to do, little fishes are safe.

There are as many as 22 litter boxes in the house. Also there are no unpleasant odours, hygiene is top notch. This house is a dream for all cat lovers.

And how this amazing place looks like and how Nutter, Butter, Crumple and Rumple, to name only a few, live, watch below:

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You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Animals Love This Amazing Zoo

You have to admit that animals crammed 24/7 into small cages is not sight that can delight any of us. Certainly not the true animal lover. That’s what often happens in zoo, animals suffer and the emphasis is always put on visitor, i.e. on us. But, that’s not the case in every zoo.

Enjoying the day in Bio Park

In Nagasaki Bio Park, it’s completely opposite. Animals are not in cages, nor separated with fences from visitors and you can pet each and every one. Of course, only if animal wants it. This is the place where wild animals live in their natural environment, where they can really enjoy life. You can play with lemurs, pet capybaras, take a picture with squirrel monkeys and simply enjoy with wild animals. You may wonder why these animals don’t escape. Well, nobody wants to run away from home surrounded by love. This amazing park covers around 74 acres and has about 2000 inhabitants.

Did you hear that in nature Guinea pigs live in larger colonies? These colonies are made of few sows and boars and their offsprings. They love to crawl through their tunnels and crevices and play all day long.
And how Guinea pigs live in Bio Park, you can watch here:

Fun, right? And why would any animal want to escape?

If road every leads you to Nagasaki, be sure to visit this awesome place. Price for the ticket is 1700 yens, which is less than $10. Also, send us a picture or two from your visit.

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Extraordinary Places Around World – Owl Bars

Japanese, beside unusual cat islands, have also quite unique bars. There, while eating sushi or Japanese noodles, you’re in company of owls. They are part of decor, but if you like you can pet them or even play with them. Pretty incredible, huh?

Tokyo has around fifty of these animal bars, where cats, dogs and even goats, monkeys and hedgehogs can keep you company. Around 14 of these bars have birds exclusively and owls are especially popular. In Japanese culture, owls are considered to bring luck, so many people want to see them and to take a picture. During last two years, even four new owl bars were opened. And how does it look, take a look here:

Although, it’s worth mentioning that owl are night animals and enjoy their solitude very much. They definitely don’t like to “drink green tea” in coffee shops. Their sense of sight is not well adapted to daily light, and sense of hearing to noise. That’s why animal activists are protesting against such bars. And while thousands of tourists flock to these national coffee shops with animals, activists fight for their closure.

When owl Hedwig became Harry Potter’s pet, there was snowy owl frenzy in UK. But owls are far from an ideal pet. “They can eat up to 6 frozen chickens a day and they drink water only three times a year. They are mostly active while we sleep.” – complained one owl owner. Unfortunately, after big boom many realized that owls might not be such a perfect pets.

Same question arises here, what will happen to these gorgeous animals once they’re not profitable anymore?

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Unusual Journey For Cat Lovers Only – Japanese Cat Islands

In Japan there are fourteen islands that are mainly inhabited by cat. These islands are pretty small, and one of them, Aoshima has a population of only sixteen…. humans . Yet here, cats are everywhere and they are quite tame and like petting. Due to enormous number of cats, these islands have become a kind of tourist attraction.

See how it looks in a video below:

Japanese love cats. They believe if you feed a hungry cat you’ll have a happy and healthy life. So, the cats are usually well fed and cheerful. But last year, Kazuyuki Ono, one of sixteen residents of Aoshima, pled for help, because cats were hungry during winter, as there were no tourists and it’s hard to get to the island. Her tweet was retweeted seventeen thousand times and food supplies came from all over Japan, as well as the world.

How did these cats come to the islands? Cats were brought to the islands in seventeenth century to hunt mice. Japanese were mainly cultivating silkworm on the islands and were engaged in textile industry. Only problem were the pests. Cats solved the problem, and stayed on the islands long after silkworms were gone.

If you like cats, as well as exotic travel maybe these islands are good choice for you. Just don’t forget, it not allowed to bring your dog with you. It comes as no surprise, as these island cats haven’t seen a dog in centuries.

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