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The Story Of Pumpkin

According to some sources, there is around million dogs trying to survive on streets in Houston alone. This number might be exaggerated, but the fact is that there are a lot of dogs roaming the streets of Houston and many are injured, old and sick. One of them was Pumpkin. She might have stayed one forever, if one man hasn’t put her picture on Instagram.

He hang the picture, because he thought it was funny. He thought that a burned dog walking the streets is funny. Picture went viral . At some point, people who thought this picture was anything but funny, saw it. Many animal lovers started looking for this unfortunate dog. And they found her. It was Halloween. That’s way she got her name Pumpkin.


But Pumpkin wasn’t alone. She had a puppy with her. It wasn’t present on a picture. Pup was infested with flies, skin and bones and barely alive. Pumpkin had chemical wounds all over her body and they even found BB pellet near her spine. Somebody intentionally wanted to hurt this one-year-old little animal.

A whole veterinary team worked days and nights to save Pumpkin and her baby. Unfortunately, puppy was too weak and passed away. But, Pumpkin fought.

After few week Pumpkin managed to recover. One was sure. She will never return to streets again. This tiny dog didn’t stand a chance on streets.

Pumpkin was included in Corridor Rescue program. She was put in a foster home with Kelly Williams, who fell in love with Pumpkin instantly. From that point on her life became a fairy tale. And the burns, loneliness and horrors of the streets were left in distant past for this innocent dog. We hope also long forgotten.

Today, Pumpkin lives with three more dogs, in a true dog paradise. All that one dog needs, and even more, she has. In the end, Pumpkin’s story finished with happily ever after. Her foster mom decided to adopt her. It seems that this girl was, after all, born under the lucky star.

We hope that Pumpkin will live happily in her home forever.

Animal Lovers, we wish that this year all the abandoned animal find their new home.
Also, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy and share our stories this year.
Yours TheAwesomePaw

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You Wouldn’t Believe How Cute Mini Zebu Is

Cows are adorable animals. With their with trusting eyes and their gentle souls they would be the perfect pet, right? There is only problem with their size as they are too big and demand large pasture for feeding.
Well, farmers across US are breeding special sort of cows that are only 35 inches tall and many people are stating to keep theses mini cows as pets.
Miniature cattle breeds are usually created by selective breeding. This is where you select smaller specimens from a breed and mix only these specimens. But, Miniature Zebu is a true breed of miniature cows, as they developed into species without human involvement.

Screenshot from Youtube

What is special about Zebu cows is that they look like fawns when fully grown. They have well developed humps, which are more prominent in males. They are very friendly, have short sleek coats and can weigh form 200 to 300 pounds.
This breed is so docile you can easily halter-train them and they are considered safe for children and elderly. They can live for up to 25 years with good care and are immune to most tropical diseases.

These mini cows are sooooo cute, you’re gonna fall in love with them instantly:

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Study Shows Dogs Are Not Big On Hugging

We all love hugs, right? Well, a study in Psychology Today might suggest otherwise. It claims that our canine friends are not that crazy about hugging.

What do you mean “not crazy about hugging”, I love hugging my dog?

Well, dogs are cursorial animals, which means that it is in their nature to run. So, if found in an imminent thereat, their first instinct is to run. By hugging a dog, we immobilize it, which can really stress a dog.

The study was conducted with 250 random pictures where people were hugging their dogs. It checked for the presence of different dog’s stress signals. In 80 percent of the pictures, dogs were showing signs of stress, like closing their eyes completely of in half, lip licking, pulling their ears backward or avoiding eye contact.


So, it seems that dogs really don’t like hugging. In some cases, dogs can even bite, if found in an unwanted hug.

General advice is not to hug other people’s dogs, as you might not know how it will react. Also, you should discourage your children from hugging dogs, as children often can’t read distress signs in dogs.

Of course, some dogs may very well adjust to hugging. If you want to share stress-free hugs with your dog, you should train it while puppy with positive stimulation, like every time you hug it give him a treat. That way, it can become a positive experience for your dog. Also, you should familiarize you dog with general closeness and hugging slowly and gradually.

If your dog doesn’t adjust to hugs, there are other ways to express affection like petting or giving it a belly rub.


If you want to see if your dog like hugs, ask someone to take a picture of you hugging your dog, and see if your dog is showing signs of distress.

Does you dog like to hug?

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What This Lady Did For Abandoned Cats Is Amazing

We all have our interests and hobbies. But when a hobby becomes a life mission, that’s when great things happen. That’s what happened with sixty-seven-year-old Lynea Lattanzio. In 1992, she went to a shelter to save few cats, and she returned with 15 kittens. Since then, 28.000 cats went through her house.

“I’m gonna say that I’m at the top of list of the eccentric crazy cat ladies!” jokes Lynea.

At first she lived in a main house with cats. But as more and more cats came, she decided to leave the main 5-bedroom house and move to mobile house in backyard.
In time this grew to be the biggest no-cage sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats in California. Find out more about The Cat House on the Kings and how you may help. There are many adorable cats for adoption.

As the number of cats grew, so did the costs of running the place. Today there are 50 staff members and twice as much volunteers that take care of more than 1000 cats. Lynea estimate that she spends 1.6 million dollars annually to cover costs of maintenance.
There are whole sections on the estate for cats with different needs. There’s a nursery, a part for cat infected with FIV, a cat HIV, because their immune system is compromised, and a whole house just for older cats. There’s also a clinic for ill cats. The vet comes once a week, but they take cats to the vet every day.

How this 12-acres pure cat paradise looks like, watch below:

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Man With Aspergers Finds The Biggest Support In His Cats, Look How He Returns Affection

Greg Krueger from Minnesota leads pretty lonesome life. He doesn’t like people very much, but he enjoys the company of his four cats. If you ask him, he’s very happy. He might not be people person, but he, certainly, is a cat person.

If you think you spoiled your car, Greg gave spoiling a whole new meaning. While we treat our cats with a snack or a toy here and there, Greg does something else. He makes tunnels, stairs and the other things that could entertain his cats.

“I was never really socialized. Instead of socializing, I love cats. I enjoy making them cat walks. I can make them for hours, even days, it’s almost like I don’t wanna finish them.” – says Greg.

This man has been making cat walks in his house for last 15 years. For now, these kitties have over 1000 yards of cat walks in his house. They are really having fun, right? Greg and his cats are one big happy family. Greg has explanation for that too:

“All cats have Aspergers, so that’s why we understand each other easily”- jokes Greg.

Joke or no joke, these cats are having a blast. And, as it seems, it’s only going to get better for them. Greg is not going to give up on making new tunnels and cat walks. He always has some new project in his head.

Greg’s hobby is really great, right?

How does this unusual house and Greg’s cats look like, see below:

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If You Ever Wondered How Animals See The World, Now Is Your Chance To Find Out!

To solve enigma how each animal see, we should note that the best eyesight have humans. Our eye can recognize 8 million colors. As a measure of sight sharpness we use acuity. It represents sharpness of sight at the distance of 20 feet.

Looking at the world through cat’s eyes

By Vera Kratochvil

Cat doesn’t see distant objects clearly. It actually sees the object that are at distance of 20 feet, as we see objects that are at distance of 100 or even 200 feet. Pretty foggy, right? They can recognize only certain colors, like blue, grey and yellow. But, in the dark, they can see much better than us!

Looking at the world through dog’s eyes


Dogs can see colors. Their world in not in black and white. Although, they recognize colors as shades of blue, green and yellow, any many colors are not visible to their eyes. They see distant objects much better then cats. Object distant 20 feet, they can see as we see object distant 75 feet.

Looking at the world through domestic fly’s eyes

Greenbottle lucilia caesar
By Mikfoz (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Domestic flies have 360 degrees eyesight, but with one big flaw. Namely, everything is slowed down for them. They are trapped in slow motion forever. It’s no wonder that when they start buzzing around our heads, they won’t go away. They can see UV rays, and dominant colors they see are blue and green.

Looking at the world through rat’s eyes


One of the rare animals that can move eyes in different directions. They can always see what’s above them, but don’t see colors. Everything is grey for them.

Looking at the world through snake’s eyes

By George Hodan

Pretty bad, actually. They are nearly blind. But, they have infrared sensors that help them create images from their surrounding. Amazing, right?

You can watch below simulation of how animals see:

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Kittens Are Sweet, Cuddly and Curious! Puppies Are Playful And Full Of Energy! You Have To See Their First Encounter!

Kittens! Even the word makes you warm and fuzzy inside! There is nothing sweeter than a kitten cuddling!
What about puppies? Little energy furballs, always looking for new adventure! Playful is their second name, and if you not careful you can easily spend hours just having fun with them.

And when you mix these two up, you get the most adorable thing ever.
In a video below, two carriers where brought, one full of puppies and the second full of kittens. The doors were opened and they were left to meet.

What do you think who was first to go out of the carrier, kitten or puppy?
The answer might in not surprising… One brave kitten flew right out of the box as door opened, and started exploring new territory. It was soon followed by its brothers and sisters.

Puppies were not that brave. At fist they stayed close together in their carrier, not really sure what’s happening and what are those little jumpy creatures.

But, as soon as they were sure no harm will came to them, they came out of the box, and joined the kittens in play. Is there anything cuter that this?

Watch their first encounter here:

If this doesn’t make your day, nothing will!
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Edie Was So Afraid In Shelter They Decided To Put Her To Sleep, But See What Happened Then

Edie is a tiny dog, weighing only ten pounds. In Lancaster shelter, she was together with hundreds other dogs, and was characterized as aggressive. She couldn’t overcome this behavior and it was decided to put her to sleep. Each dog that shows signs of aggression is considered unadoptable. These dogs, along side sick dogs, are the ones most often put to sleep. That’s how it should have gone for Edie.

But, man named Bronwyne took pity on Edie. It was simply impossible for this dog not to show aggression. Alone, little, among hundreds of other dogs much larger than her. Edie was, in fact, frightened. Very frightened.

They agreed that a veterinarian should do assessment. If he decides that dog is aggressive, Edie will be put to sleep.

Brought in a carrier, Edie started to growl and bark as soon as vet approached. When she was taken out of the carrier, she hid in the corner and even defecated out of fear. This little dog was deeply stresses and traumatized. It seem that the last chance for Eddie was gone.

But, no one wanted to give up that easily. By putting leash around her neck, veterinarian pulled her to his lap. Edie suddenly stopped defending herself. She was quite. For a moment, it seem time has stopped. Veterinarian, gently petted her head and Edie didn’t resist. Soon, something amazing happened. Edie started wiggling her tail. Started to cuddle. To be happy.

Every living being needs affection. Love is the most powerful force that can give us strength to solve any problem. Edie needed just a warm hug and a little love.

Not all aggressive dogs are dangerous and scary. Some are just too afraid. Don’t forget that if you decide to adopt a dog.

Meet Eddie:

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They Wanted To Put Him to Sleep When He Was One Day Old, But Life Had Different Plans For Him. Meet The Two-Faced Cat!

He is irresistible, and certainly unrepeatable, meet Frank and Louie. Cat with two faces. They are extremely rare and called Janus cats. They got their name from Janus, Roman god with two faces.

His owner Marty Stevens met Frank&Louie when he was only one day old. He was brought by breeder to Tufts Veterinary Clinic, where Martha worked as a veterinary nurse. He wanted to put him to sleep. But, Martha wanted to give this unusual kitten a chance. She offered to take him, although it was not expected for him to survive more than a few days. These cat often die a few hours after they are born.

But, Frank and Louie didn’t die that day, nor the next one. This cat with two noses, two mouth and three eyes decided to live. He grew and, at one point, he stared to see.

“He first opened eye in the middle, the one without function. When he was little, he looked like a Cyclops” – says Marty.

Although he has two mouths, only Frank’s are connected to esophagus. So we could say, that Frank eats for two.
On September the 8th, 2011 they turned 12, which made this cat the oldest Janus cat in the world. But, this cat lived to ripe old age of 15. Frank and Louie hold a Guinness World Record as oldest Janus Cat in the world.

How the day of this extraordinary cat looks like, watch below:

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The Disasters Of Animal Hoarding

Hoarding is one of the worst types of animal cruelty. Not all people with a lot of animals are hoarders. One of the tell-tales that someone is hoarder is collecting large number of animals, without giving them a proper care. Sometimes, even hundreds of animals live together, without enough food and water and no medical care. Unlike other types of abuse, this one can last for years.

It is important to talk about this subject, because every year around 250.000 animals, mostly cats and dogs end up with hoarders. Their fate is tragic. They often perish due to poor nutrition and untreated infections. And they spend their life in terrible conditions.

Consequences of Animal Hording

Place where hoarders live are often pestiferous. According to statistics, even 72% of all hoarders are women, and victims of hoarding are most often cats. They are closely followed by dogs, but hoarder can collect any animal.

These individuals often suffer from some kind of mental health issue, most often from attachment disorders, delusional thinking, obsessive-compulsive behavior and depression. They believe they are doing a good deed and yet what they are doing is animal abuse.

Once a hoarder always a hoarder. The only way to stop them is for them get permanent ban on keeping animals. Even when all the animals are taken from them, hoarders will at some point start collecting again.

We can help most by educating others. If you know someone who is hoarder, contact local humane society, police department or Animal Legal Defense Fund. They can provide necessary help both to animals and to a hoarder.

Although hoarding is a huge problem, only Illinois and Hawaii have animal hoarding specific laws. In other states, hoarding falls under animal cruelty laws.

See below how one of the worst cases of hoarding looks like. These dogs were found in rural part of Arizona, and rescue operation was led by The Humane Society of the United States:

Animal Lovers, let’s educate as many people about this and share!