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Meet Freddy, The Biggest Dog In the World!

Freddy, The Great Dane, is the Guinness World Record holder for being the biggest dog in the world. He weighs amazing 14.5 pounds. Freddy comes from Great Britain, from the city Leigh-on-sea, Essex. This giant lives with his sister Fleur and their proud mama Claire Stoneman. Although they are from the same litter and as a babies they didn’t differ much, Freddy grew much bigger then Fleur.

When Freddy was just a “little” pup, nothing pointed that he would grow to be the biggest dog in the world.

“I took him earlier from his litter as he was not feeding from his mother anymore. Who would have thought that he would grow so much.” – said Clair.

With such a large dog, even a simple walk presents a challenge. Every morning, Clair wakes up very early and takes Freddy for a walk.

“If Freddy runs after another dog, I won’t be able to stop him.” – explains Clair, who is smaller than her dog.

When Freddy raises himself on his hind legs he 7ft 6in tall, and Clair is “only” 5ft 4in. I think it clear now why they go for early morning walks.

While they were in puberty, these cuties, like most dogs, were mischievous. When Freddy and Fleur were young they loved to eat sofas. Opposed to smaller dogs, that cannot wreck that much chaos, they chewed as many as 23 sofas. Although, if it any consolation, in time they learned it much better to sit on them, then to eat them.

How much these fluffsters eat say the fact that Clair spends 12.5 thousands pounds each year on their food. Freddy alone can 2.2 lbs of minced meat, 9 oz of casserole steak and 10.5 oz of liver each day. But he like most the roast chicken and peanut butter toast. Chicken as a snack, what an appetite, right?

But all of their mischiefs are quickly forgiven.

“They are like my children, it nice when someone needs you. A they really do need me. They are my number one priority in life!” – concludes Clare.

And how a life with two Great Danes looks like, see below:

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Meet Elvis, A Puppy With An Attitude

What is cuter than a bulldog puppy?

Only a mischievous bulldog puppy.

Meet Elvis, only son of Patches. This a bit spoiled furball is simply adorable. You could say that he is a puppy with an attitude. Playful, enthusiastic and a bit cheeky, Elvis is a puppy anyone would wish.

But when Elvis was born, not everything looked so great. Namely, this baby was born with a cleft palette. This is a condition where there is an opening between the nose and the mouth, so it’s difficult for puppy to breastfeed. In order to survive, such puppies have to feed on the bottle. When they gain some strength, this problem is surgically resolved.

Concerned human parents paid a special attention to Elvis. As did his mom Patches. It no wonder that this little fella became a bit cheeky.

But, bulldogs are so cute, it so hard not to spoil them. Their temperament is phenomenal. They are fun even when they sleep. They usually loll on the couch, always snoring. They love their human parents like crazy, but walks not so much. They are not the most active dogs in the world.

So how then not to spoil a baby bulldog? There no chance.

Little Elvis’s parents knew they need to find him a home full of love. A perfect home for a perfect little gentleman.

With regular visits to the vet, vet technician just fell in love with this furball of happiness. What a perfect match. Someone who will be able help Elvis both with his medical condition and with his “attitude”.
And how this little fella gets angry with his mom, see below:

What a cutie, right?

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Meet Hulk, The Largest Pit Bull In The World

Hulk is the biggest pit bull in the world today! He weighs incredible 12 stones! Beside being the largest, he is definitely one of the most beautiful dogs you’ve seen.

Credit YouTube / Barcroft

Hulk lives in New Hampshire with Marlon and Lisa Grennan and their five year old son Jordan. At home, Hulk is very cuddly, but in fact he is elite protection dog. Marlon is a head of Dark Dynasty K9s which deals with professional dog training. Although he can kill a man, Lisa says she’s not afraid of Hulk

“Breed is not important, it’s important how you train your dog.”

What would the price be for Hulk?

“Hulk has no price! I wouldn’t sell him for 10 million dollars in cash. He is family” – say Marlon.

At the beginning of 2016 Hulk became a father. An estimate is that 8 of Hulk’s puppie, if trained, can cost up to half a million dollars. But, Marlon thinks that one of the pups has a chance to surpass his dad. Meet Kobe, Hulk’s son:

Credit YouTube / Barcroft

Marlon says he had almost 40.000 offers for this dog, but he doesn’t want to give him up.

“Kobe is a star of future. He has a grate energy and balance.”

If Kobe will surpass his dad, only time will show.
Marlon’s dogs undergo serious training. He trains dogs for police and even for FEDs.

“Dogs always go through new challenges and at the end of training they are completely fearless. Nothing scares them.”

Many of their dogs leave States. They go to Grenada or even to Africa. Marlon’s dogs are all over the world, but Hulk and “little” Kobe will stay in Grannan family forever.

Do you like pit bulls?

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Tibetan Mastiff – Tragic Faith Of This Colossal Nomad Dog

Tibetan Mastiff is one of the largest dogs in the world, and up until recently it was the most expensive.

Tibetan mastiff puppy

Smart, stubborn and brave, on Tibet it was used as guard dog. Because of its rich coat and undercoat, it perfectly withstands harsh Himalayan climate. Although called mastiff, it has nothing to do with them. Simply, European called every large dog mastiff. And this dog is really huge. Of all the dogs in the world, he resembles the wolves the most, and as them has only one litter a year.


In 2008, Tibetan Mastiff participated for the first time in Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Since then its popularity grew and the price of its puppies skyrocketed.

The most expensive one was pure breed Big Splash sold for astonishing 1.6 million dollars. He was bought by Mr. Yang form Northern China, which made him the also the most expensive dog in the world.

In the peak of its popularity, some breeders even resorted to cosmetic interventions on these dogs in order to maximize profits.

From most expensive dog to a hot pot

Due to overbreeding, inability to adapt to urban small confinements and some reports of these dogs being aggressive, buyers  disappeared. And large number of breeders went out of the business. During 2014 demand for these dogs dramatically declined and the price fell to ONLY $2000.

Aigrette Velikiy (Tsaluma say strazce z Tibetu x Legenda Tibeta vlastelin kolets)
By Tibetan Paradise (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Situation only worsened during 2015, when 20 dogs were rescued on their way to slaughter house. Rescuers bought them off at a price of $5 each. Today, Tibet is full of abandoned Tibetan mastiffs. Huge and starving, they present bit threat to local population.

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Why We Don’t Have To Buy Husky Or Malamute Even Though We Love GoT?

Due to immense popularity of “Game of Thrones”, number of adopted or bought dogs that resemble direwolves has dramatically increased. This would be great news, hadn’t the majority of these dogs been rejected faster then they were adopted. We will try to determine why is this happening.

CC0 License

In the TV show, direwolves are depicted as brave and loyal animals, that would, if necessary, die for their master. Incredibly strong and smart, they are really a dream come through. And yes, they really resemble Huskies with their behavior and audacity. Like Huskies, they love to exercise, to be outdoor, to hunt and enjoy snow very much. Direwolves are unusual wolves of cold North, and Huskies are dogs of freedom from North Siberia. Huskies are unconstrained, a bit wild and with their lavish fur belong to colder climates. Paradoxical but true, because their similarity with wolves, they often disappoint their owners. Of course, only if their prospective owners, don’t inform themselves enough about this breed. Huskies need training, exercise and a strong leader. If dissatisfied, Husky will run away, and of all dogs, they are biggest runaway artists. They can jump fence even 8 feet tall, and sometimes cannot be constrained even by electric fence. So it is of utmost importance to get informed about these dogs, because, only then, beauty of this snowy dog can be truly appreciated.

And although Sophie Turner (Lady Sansa Stark) adopted Zuni, her direwolf, it doesn’t mean that temperament and character of Northern Inuit Dog, Husky or Malamute suit all of us. Dogs that resemble wolves require experienced and strong leader. They are very quick-witted and stubborn, so before you get one, think twice are you suitable owner for such a strong and powerful dog.

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How is it to live with half-wild pet – Savannah Cat

Savannah cat is a half wild cat. This hybrid breed was created by mixing Serval and a Siamese in 1986. Today first generation kittens, whose father is Serval, can cost up to $20.000.

Serval or Savannah Stalker

Serval or African wild cat, is one of the best hunters in the world. This trait, as well as its nickname, Serval carried over to Savannah cat. That’s why it’s hard for Savannah cat to get along with other smaller pets. Guinea pigs, hamsters and parrots are just too yummy for her.
Large and with such a background, they are forbidden in Australia. Given that it can weigh up to 20 pounds, Savannah cat can hunt much larger animals than domestic cat, so Australians feared it could endanger their country native wildlife. Well, they might be right, it’s hard to tame wild nature of gorgeous Savannah.

Savannah Kittens F2b 1week old
By Lifeatthesharpend (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Savannah cat is a cat, but the way it behaves, you’ll think it’s a dog

When choosing between cat and dog, Savannah would most probably befriend a dog. And it acts like a dog. When happy or cuddling, it waives its tail. At home, it is inviting you to play and have fun. Always.
Surplus of energy Savannah will gladly spend by taking a walk on a leash. They can easily adapt to leash and even faster in company of a dog. You can say that in this case, cat and dog are a perfect match.

This all wouldn’t be so weird, hadn’t it predecessor been one of the most dangerous predators in the world. Savannah inherited from Serval its ability to jump high, even up to 8 feet high, and its natural intelligence. They easily can learn how to open door with their paws and how to climb on highest wardrobes. Having this “wild gene”, if given the opportunity to escape, they will. Therefore, it’s best to secure the area its lives in, especially when no one is home.

Most states allow keeping a Savannah cat as pet. Exception are Hawaii, Texas, Georgia and Massachusetts. In Canada, it is legal in all the provinces.

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English and American Cocker Spaniel

English cocker spaniel is an active dog, and as its name says, from England. This breed is known for about 500 years. This is a hound, completely adapted to life in small area, but with a lot of exercise and walks. Intelligent and attached to their family, they are sociable, but training with positive confirmation is always advised. They are known to hold a grudge, if mistreated.

Cockers like children, but don’t tolerate poking, so they are not recommended for families with small toddlers.
This athletic dog, even though can be accustomed to life in an apartment, needs exercise and a lot of it. They are prone to gaining weight, so the best suited owner for them is the one that doesn’t spend long hours at work and likes longer walks. Cockers really don’t like loneliness. They are not backyard dogs and can become anxious, barky and generally unhappy, if left alone for long periods of time.

Cockers, opposed to some other dogs, like cats. They can get along really nice, so the old one “getting along like cats and dogs” doesn’t apply here.
By Miyagawa (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Did you hear about “rage syndrome”?

With some Cocker spaniels, as well as with some other breeds, this unusual syndrome is observed. It appears most often with exhibition dogs, when the unexpectedly attacks, completely unaware of its surrounding.Fortunately for us, and all cocker spaniels, this syndrome is very rare.
Diseases that affect them are frequent ear infections, hip dysplasia, renal failure, congenital deafness, and dilated cardiomyopathy.

Close relative to English cocker spaniel is American cocker spaniel, which originated from former, but is not a hound. Actually, American cocker is the smallest sporting dog in the world. It is smaller than its English counterpart, with rich silky coat and passion for company of people and long walks.

Cocker is smart, and how much see for yourself

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Feeling lonely? No biggie! Just adopt Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Feeling lonely? No biggie! Just adopt Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This cute spaniels, originally from England, got the name after King Charles The Second, who was so enchanted with them, that he allowed them to enter all of British public institutions.

They were never used for hunting, so they are really more of lap dogs. They adore people, children and other dogs and are good choice for a second quadruped, given, of course, that the first is not belligerent.

They are very attached to their family, patient and tolerant, and, therefore, recommended for families with small toddlers. Cavalier loves everyone around him, plays with much larger dogs, is not timid and tends wholeheartedly to please his humans. They are also good therapy dogs, hence the nickname, comforter dog.

Colorful, playful and amazing, after all, see for yourself:

They are not that street wise, so they need to be trained not to chase cars, birds or other things in motion.

Their beautiful silky coat needs frequent brushing, preferably once a week, and occasional trimming. As all Cavaliers in the world actually descend from 6 dogs, this breed, unfortunately, suffers from diseases such as mitral valve disease, hip dysplasia and cataract.

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French bulldog – The Clown Dog

French bulldogs are actually not from France, they are English. They were first bred in England by mixing bulldogs with small terriers and pugs. French fell in love with them, so English exported them gladly, especially small specimens with stood up ears.

They used to be high society’s dogs, extremely expensive and rare. They were adored and considered a status symbol.
They are also sometimes called “frog dogs”, because, as you can see with Teddy, when they sit sometimes they look like a toad.

They are one of the rare members of dog population that don’t know how to swim. Their head is too large and it’s hard to keep it afloat it with their small body.

They don’t like too cold or too hot. On high temperatures these dog can easily have a heart attack, so it is not recommended for them to exercise or run in heat, furthermore, short and slow walks are recommended. True sloth by nature, Frenchie doesn’t really suffer with only two short walks a day, especially during summer. Also, with a short coat, cute clothes are a winter must.
Loves people, children and even cats, only loneliness bothers this cutie. Well socialized Frenchie likes anyone around, always has fun or naps nearby, and if left alone for too long during day, can become anxious and even depressed.

This little dog, very popular in New York, is completely adapted to city life in small spaces and with shorter walks, and at home it will entertain you and be a loyal friend.
It doesn’t surprise that Frenchies got a nickname “Clown Dogs”, as you can see in video below:

French bulldog, an exceptional dog for socialization and relaxation.
What’s your Frenchie story?

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Bullmastiff – Big-Hearted Dog

Bullmastiff is a large molosser dog originally from England. This breed was created by mixing English Mastiff and old English bulldog, a breed that doesn’t exist today. It can weigh over 100 pounds.

Strong, massive and powerful dog, yet very sensitive, Bullmastiff needs consistency and strong leadership in upbringing. Doesn’t like to be alone and loves the company of his family, thus, it’s not good idea to leave him alone in the backyard, if so, don’t be surprised if he flees and finds a better company.

Bullmastiff loves outdoors and enjoys a good workout, but doesn’t like repetition, so it no wonder if he gets bored of play fetch very quickly.

They are very attached to their family and their home, and as a result, very good guard dogs.
Bullmastiffs can stay a pup for a long time, and even grow until three and a half years old, so we can definitely say they are late bloomers.

See in the video below how these big silly goofballs enjoy car ride:

Unfortunately, this breed is prone to diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, lymphoma and arthritis.

What’s your experience with this beautiful breed?