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You Wouldn’t Believe How Cute Mini Zebu Is

Cows are adorable animals. With their with trusting eyes and their gentle souls they would be the perfect pet, right? There is only problem with their size as they are too big and demand large pasture for feeding.
Well, farmers across US are breeding special sort of cows that are only 35 inches tall and many people are stating to keep theses mini cows as pets.
Miniature cattle breeds are usually created by selective breeding. This is where you select smaller specimens from a breed and mix only these specimens. But, Miniature Zebu is a true breed of miniature cows, as they developed into species without human involvement.

Screenshot from Youtube

What is special about Zebu cows is that they look like fawns when fully grown. They have well developed humps, which are more prominent in males. They are very friendly, have short sleek coats and can weigh form 200 to 300 pounds.
This breed is so docile you can easily halter-train them and they are considered safe for children and elderly. They can live for up to 25 years with good care and are immune to most tropical diseases.

These mini cows are sooooo cute, you’re gonna fall in love with them instantly:

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What This Lady Did For Abandoned Cats Is Amazing

We all have our interests and hobbies. But when a hobby becomes a life mission, that’s when great things happen. That’s what happened with sixty-seven-year-old Lynea Lattanzio. In 1992, she went to a shelter to save few cats, and she returned with 15 kittens. Since then, 28.000 cats went through her house.

“I’m gonna say that I’m at the top of list of the eccentric crazy cat ladies!” jokes Lynea.

At first she lived in a main house with cats. But as more and more cats came, she decided to leave the main 5-bedroom house and move to mobile house in backyard.
In time this grew to be the biggest no-cage sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats in California. Find out more about The Cat House on the Kings and how you may help. There are many adorable cats for adoption.

As the number of cats grew, so did the costs of running the place. Today there are 50 staff members and twice as much volunteers that take care of more than 1000 cats. Lynea estimate that she spends 1.6 million dollars annually to cover costs of maintenance.
There are whole sections on the estate for cats with different needs. There’s a nursery, a part for cat infected with FIV, a cat HIV, because their immune system is compromised, and a whole house just for older cats. There’s also a clinic for ill cats. The vet comes once a week, but they take cats to the vet every day.

How this 12-acres pure cat paradise looks like, watch below:

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Man With Aspergers Finds The Biggest Support In His Cats, Look How He Returns Affection

Greg Krueger from Minnesota leads pretty lonesome life. He doesn’t like people very much, but he enjoys the company of his four cats. If you ask him, he’s very happy. He might not be people person, but he, certainly, is a cat person.

If you think you spoiled your car, Greg gave spoiling a whole new meaning. While we treat our cats with a snack or a toy here and there, Greg does something else. He makes tunnels, stairs and the other things that could entertain his cats.

“I was never really socialized. Instead of socializing, I love cats. I enjoy making them cat walks. I can make them for hours, even days, it’s almost like I don’t wanna finish them.” – says Greg.

This man has been making cat walks in his house for last 15 years. For now, these kitties have over 1000 yards of cat walks in his house. They are really having fun, right? Greg and his cats are one big happy family. Greg has explanation for that too:

“All cats have Aspergers, so that’s why we understand each other easily”- jokes Greg.

Joke or no joke, these cats are having a blast. And, as it seems, it’s only going to get better for them. Greg is not going to give up on making new tunnels and cat walks. He always has some new project in his head.

Greg’s hobby is really great, right?

How does this unusual house and Greg’s cats look like, see below:

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Kittens Are Sweet, Cuddly and Curious! Puppies Are Playful And Full Of Energy! You Have To See Their First Encounter!

Kittens! Even the word makes you warm and fuzzy inside! There is nothing sweeter than a kitten cuddling!
What about puppies? Little energy furballs, always looking for new adventure! Playful is their second name, and if you not careful you can easily spend hours just having fun with them.

And when you mix these two up, you get the most adorable thing ever.
In a video below, two carriers where brought, one full of puppies and the second full of kittens. The doors were opened and they were left to meet.

What do you think who was first to go out of the carrier, kitten or puppy?
The answer might in not surprising… One brave kitten flew right out of the box as door opened, and started exploring new territory. It was soon followed by its brothers and sisters.

Puppies were not that brave. At fist they stayed close together in their carrier, not really sure what’s happening and what are those little jumpy creatures.

But, as soon as they were sure no harm will came to them, they came out of the box, and joined the kittens in play. Is there anything cuter that this?

Watch their first encounter here:

If this doesn’t make your day, nothing will!
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How Cats See Humans And Other Interesting Cat Facts

Cats are our favorite animals. According to statistics, there are 14 million homes more with a cat than with a dog as pet. And why wouldn’t there be, as it is known that cat owners are more healthy and get heart related diseases less frequently.

Cats were an inspiration to many. For example, Nikola Tesla started researching electricity when his cat The Cat caused static shock. And ancient Egyptians adored them as deities.

If you are a cat person, know that you’re nor alone. There are 800 million of us in the world (11.5% of planet’s population have cats) .


Cat are really irresistible. Elegant and fluffy, anytime when we think of them, we get emotional. Lying back on the couch or bed, it may seem to us that they are always asleep. Well, that’s not far from truth… Believe it or not, nine-year-old cat has been awake for only 3 years of its life. Kittens sleep because they have to, as only while sleeping they release growth hormone. Adult cats sleep beacause they can.

Although big sleepyheads, they are also big hunters. They can hear mice, even when our ear doesn’t register any sound. They hear ultrasonic sounds, which mice use for communication. In theory, they could even hear dolphins.

It is proven, that if you want to extend your cats life for 2 or 3 years, you should get it neutered,

And if you’re interested to know which cat had most offsprings, that was cat Dusty. She had 420 kittens during her life.

And how cats see us humans, you can watch below:

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Meet Freddy, The Biggest Dog In the World!

Freddy, The Great Dane, is the Guinness World Record holder for being the biggest dog in the world. He weighs amazing 14.5 pounds. Freddy comes from Great Britain, from the city Leigh-on-sea, Essex. This giant lives with his sister Fleur and their proud mama Claire Stoneman. Although they are from the same litter and as a babies they didn’t differ much, Freddy grew much bigger then Fleur.

When Freddy was just a “little” pup, nothing pointed that he would grow to be the biggest dog in the world.

“I took him earlier from his litter as he was not feeding from his mother anymore. Who would have thought that he would grow so much.” – said Clair.

With such a large dog, even a simple walk presents a challenge. Every morning, Clair wakes up very early and takes Freddy for a walk.

“If Freddy runs after another dog, I won’t be able to stop him.” – explains Clair, who is smaller than her dog.

When Freddy raises himself on his hind legs he 7ft 6in tall, and Clair is “only” 5ft 4in. I think it clear now why they go for early morning walks.

While they were in puberty, these cuties, like most dogs, were mischievous. When Freddy and Fleur were young they loved to eat sofas. Opposed to smaller dogs, that cannot wreck that much chaos, they chewed as many as 23 sofas. Although, if it any consolation, in time they learned it much better to sit on them, then to eat them.

How much these fluffsters eat say the fact that Clair spends 12.5 thousands pounds each year on their food. Freddy alone can 2.2 lbs of minced meat, 9 oz of casserole steak and 10.5 oz of liver each day. But he like most the roast chicken and peanut butter toast. Chicken as a snack, what an appetite, right?

But all of their mischiefs are quickly forgiven.

“They are like my children, it nice when someone needs you. A they really do need me. They are my number one priority in life!” – concludes Clare.

And how a life with two Great Danes looks like, see below:

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Best Cat House Ever!

Peter Cohen lives at home with his 15 cats. Lot of cats, right? So, this Californian builder decided to create a true little heaven for his cat. In his house everything is subjected to his adorable fur friends.

When he moved to house, there were two cats there already that already lived outside. At first cats didn’t come into the house. But, when one was hit by the car, he decided for the other one to become indoor cat. And for her not to get lonely, he adopted few more cats. He started rescuing abandoned cats from shelters from San Diego to San Francisco. Over time their number grew to astonishing 15 and all of them are indoor cats.

Over the years since he bought the house, he decided to put his craftsmanship to work. In order for his cats to have fun, house had to undergo some serious transformation. It has special cat walks and all of the rooms are connected with tunnels that massage cats while they walk through. Amazing, right? Peter spent on cat walks alone 50 thousand dollars. There’s even a koi pond in the house with goldfish in it. And you know what? These cats have never hurt any fish. And why would they? With so many fun things to do, little fishes are safe.

There are as many as 22 litter boxes in the house. Also there are no unpleasant odours, hygiene is top notch. This house is a dream for all cat lovers.

And how this amazing place looks like and how Nutter, Butter, Crumple and Rumple, to name only a few, live, watch below:

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Amazing Friendship Between Cheetah And Labrador

Meet one-year-old cheetah Kasi and one-year-old Labrador Mtani. Believe it or not, these two are best friends.
In Busch Gardens Tampa, it took one year of hard work to form this unusual friendship. Animals first met when male cheetah cub was 6 weeks old and female lab puppy was 12 weeks old.

A whole team of experts worked on formation of this friendship. In fact, during the first months of their life, these two cuties were not left on their own without supervision. Goal was to stimulate them to socialize without hurting each other. Together they exercised, played and had fun. All the things they both loved to do, they did together in order to get accustomed to each other.

Today, after year’s worth of effort, we can truly say these two are friends. They live together and also visit and educate the world about importance of cheetahs conservation and Busch Garden’s efforts in doing so. As unusual as it might be, this friendship is really strong. Employees at Busch Gardens think it will last for life.

Cheetahs and dogs, although it may not seem so, have much in common. Cheetahs are animals that are active by day, so are dogs. Cheetah males live in coalitions, similar to dogs living in packs.

And how this amazing friendship looks like, see below:

Also it’s worth mentioning that cheetahs are the fastest land animals. They can run up to 65 mph and reach the speed of 45 mph in 2 seconds.

These beautiful African cats are still not endangered species, but are listed as vulnerable by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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Meet Einstein, The Most Talkative Parrot In The World!

She is fabulous, unforgettable, she is Einstein! Albert Einstein might have been the smartest man in the world, but Einstein, African Grey Parrot, is certainly one of the smartest animals in the world. She knows more than 200 words and sounds.

Einstein gained his fame in “Pet Star” competition on Animal Planet in 2006. She mesmerised millions and became a favourite to many.

Her trainer is Stephanie White. She says Einstein is a fast-learner because of sunflower seed that she loves. Every time she would say the word correctly, she would get her favourite seed. It no wonder she mastered over 200 words.

Einstein lives in Zoo Knoxville in Knoxville, Tennessee. Thanks to that, she learned how to imitate the sounds of wild animals. But how she learned to imitate evil villain laugh and Santa Claus laugh we can only guess.

This extraordinary parrot participates in Zoo’s Bird Show with aim to educate thousands of visitors about nature each year. Einstein is a super star of this show and her biggest fans are kids.

Congo African Grey Parrot -head detail
African Grey Parrot Photo by L.Miguel Bugallo Sánchez [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
African grey parrots inhabit West and Central Africa. In nature they too imitate sounds, build nests in the trees and when they find partner they stay with him for life.

These parrots are known for their intelligence. When one parrot got lost, he repeated the name and address of his owner over and over again. He was returned home quickly. This unusual case happened in Japan and confirms that African grey parrots are truly remarkable animals.

This year Einstein turned 30, so zoo organised a little party.

What kind of peanuts she likes, what she thinks about space ships and which cats she knows to imitate, see below:

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Ralphee, Kitten With Special Needs, And Max The Cattle Dog, Can Overcome Any Obstacle Together!

Ralphee and Max are the best friends. Maybe that wouldn’t be so weird, if they weren’t cat and dog. But since Ralphee was saved from a barn, these two are inseparable. Little kitten saved his head, but in the accident lost “only” his tail.

Ralphee is not an ordinary cat. He is an animal with special needs. He was born with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). This disorder disables him to control fine motor movements and coordination. Ralphee shakes his head involuntary, and when walking he sways to a side. This typical walk is called “drunken sailor walk”. But, as unusual as this condition looks, these cats can live a normal life. They cannot be “cured”, but condition doesn’t get worse either. Cats can learn over time how to control their movement better. Some can even improve walking. But, unfortunately, there’s no cure.This condition is not all that uncommon and cats with it are called “wobbly cats”.

Since Ralphee was found, Max, the cattle dog, follows him around everywhere. He is there for Ralphee if he needs anything. They might be an odd couple, but I believe that these two can overcome any obstacle together! Because love can make miracles.

Apart from all the little problems he encounters, Ralphee is a cheerful, active and happy kitten. He doesn’t let himself be discouraged, and why would he? His best friend Max is always there for him for many adventures yet to come.

And how these two have fun, see below:

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