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Elephant Goes To Sleep In The Most Beautiful Way

If you ever wondered how to get elephant to sleep, today you’ll get your answer. Apparently, these gentle giants like lullabies.

Faa Mai, seven-year-old female elephant, falls asleep as soon as she hears lullaby. She is one of the elephants, whose herd lives in Thailand. Lek, woman whom takes care of her, and Faa Mai have a special relationship. Relationship filled with love and trust. They really adore each other.

“Two of us communicate with love” – says Lek.

Faa Mai, often hugs her friend with her long trunk.

Lek Chailhert is not only caretaker of Faa Mai, but also a founder of Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. In this park, along Faa Mai live a lot of other elephants. They come here to rehabilitate, after being rescued. They live here, in natural habitat, surrounded with love.

Lek always loved animals. Even as girl, she spent a lot of time with them. In her family, everybody love animals. Her grandfather was shaman. Beside healing people, he also helped animals. Today, Lek continues tradition. She advocated for rights and welfare of Asian elephants.

In her free time, Lek likes to sing. And when she starts singing, Faa slowly lays on the ground. Lowers her ears, curls her trunk and finally closes her eyes. Magic moment, right?

Take a look at the video below:

Lek Chailhert’s mission continues. She never gives up.

Let us hope that someday all the elephants will feel the love that Faa Mai have.

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If You Ever Wondered How Animals See The World, Now Is Your Chance To Find Out!

To solve enigma how each animal see, we should note that the best eyesight have humans. Our eye can recognize 8 million colors. As a measure of sight sharpness we use acuity. It represents sharpness of sight at the distance of 20 feet.

Looking at the world through cat’s eyes

By Vera Kratochvil

Cat doesn’t see distant objects clearly. It actually sees the object that are at distance of 20 feet, as we see objects that are at distance of 100 or even 200 feet. Pretty foggy, right? They can recognize only certain colors, like blue, grey and yellow. But, in the dark, they can see much better than us!

Looking at the world through dog’s eyes


Dogs can see colors. Their world in not in black and white. Although, they recognize colors as shades of blue, green and yellow, any many colors are not visible to their eyes. They see distant objects much better then cats. Object distant 20 feet, they can see as we see object distant 75 feet.

Looking at the world through domestic fly’s eyes

Greenbottle lucilia caesar
By Mikfoz (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Domestic flies have 360 degrees eyesight, but with one big flaw. Namely, everything is slowed down for them. They are trapped in slow motion forever. It’s no wonder that when they start buzzing around our heads, they won’t go away. They can see UV rays, and dominant colors they see are blue and green.

Looking at the world through rat’s eyes


One of the rare animals that can move eyes in different directions. They can always see what’s above them, but don’t see colors. Everything is grey for them.

Looking at the world through snake’s eyes

By George Hodan

Pretty bad, actually. They are nearly blind. But, they have infrared sensors that help them create images from their surrounding. Amazing, right?

You can watch below simulation of how animals see:

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See What Animals Are Doing In Santa Barbara Zoo, While Fires Still Burn In California?

As we all know, wildfires are raging in Southern California. About 500 animals in Santa Barbara Zoo are waiting to start breathing normally again. Zoo is not in the evacuation zone, but smoke and smog are everywhere, and quality of air is really low.

As Thomas fire slowly spreads in the north, we are wondering what is happening with animals at the Zoo? Well, concerned zoo staff decided to close the zoo for two days, on Sunday and Monday. And what is this about?

For animals not to inhale smog and soot, they were closed inside. And for them not to get bored, the animal care staff provided them enrichment, such as toys, treats and puzzles. Apparently, apart from being safe inside, the staff also cares about their entertainment.

And how some of the smallest members of zoo have fun, watch here:

This little one are rally having fun, right?

And that there is no reason for concern, zoo director also confirmed. Nancy McToldridge posted on Twitter.

“We drill for and are prepared for emergencies.”

Also they report, they are taking all the necessary measures to keep animals and staff safe.
And while we all hope that evacuation won’t be necessary, we know that, at least for now, these animals are doing fine.

Let us remind that about 8.500 firefighters are fighting 6 wildfires raging in Southern California. Last week, Thomas fire burned area of about 230.000 acres and it is considered one of the 5 biggest fires in US history.

Animal Lovers, Let us pray for all affected by this disaster!

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While Wildfires Rage In LA And Ventura County This Is What’s Happening With Animals?

Large number of wildfires destroyed around 230.000 acres in Ventura County and Los Angeles. On social media, message is shared on how to help wild animals. Namely, if you live in an area near the fires, leave water in your yard for wild animals.

Source: Snopes

But, some experts don’t agree with that. John Griffin, director of urban wildlife for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), has a bit different opinion.

“Wild animals are pretty resilient. They know how to find food or water. What they don’t know is how to interact with humans. That can cause problems” – explains Griffin. “Of course, if we are talking about injured animal, that’s different set of circumstances. They can’t manage that easily.”

Also, Peter Tira, a spokesperson for California Department of Fish and Wildlife, agrees with Griffin.

“Fire or no fire, let wild animals be.”

And while wild animals may flee freely, many domestic animals are locked. The worst is for horses.
On Saturday, thousands of thoroughbreds frantically fled Lilac fire. This was happening in San Luis Ray Training Center, 45 miles north of San Diego.
Trainer Linda Thrash of Bonsall was in the middle of that chaos, trying to save 41 horse.

“At one point, fire got too close. Only thing left was to free the horses. There was no time for anything else.” – said Linda.

We are praying for people and animals affected by this disaster:

Animal Lovers, if you can help the animals, please do!

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This Baby Elephant Was All Alone, Then Something Great Happened

Little baby elephant “Dok Geaw” was all alone in the world. This almost two-year-old baby lost his mother. Fortunately, good people decided to contact Elephant Nature Park in an attempt to help him.

In Thailand, there are many abandoned elephants. Since 1989, teak logging of elephants have been banned, so people started abandoning elephants massively. Some have been struck with even worse fate. They were sold to be a part of tourist attraction.

In order to help these beautiful and smart animals, Lek Chailhert founded Elephant Nature Park. This is a place for rehabilitation of elephants. They are given a new chance to live in natural habitat. After the painful life they led, they easily adapt to new life in nature. Asian elephants really need help.

In 2010, there were 33 elephants. They live in herds and form very deep interpersonal relationships. Apart from elephants, dogs, cats, and even buffaloes live in this park also. All of the animals live together, without cages and fences.

This beautiful park is in Northern Thailand in Mae Taeng District. It is financed in quite unusual way. Namely, tourist can come to the park, meet the elephants, help out and pay for that. They can stay there up to 28 days, and price for seven-days visit is around $400. Splendid way to spend your vacation, right?

Beside warm welcoming park’s guests, elephants most warmly welcome new members to the herd. And how meeting of Dok Geaw and herd went, you can watch in a video below:

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Amazing Friendship Between Cheetah And Labrador

Meet one-year-old cheetah Kasi and one-year-old Labrador Mtani. Believe it or not, these two are best friends.
In Busch Gardens Tampa, it took one year of hard work to form this unusual friendship. Animals first met when male cheetah cub was 6 weeks old and female lab puppy was 12 weeks old.

A whole team of experts worked on formation of this friendship. In fact, during the first months of their life, these two cuties were not left on their own without supervision. Goal was to stimulate them to socialize without hurting each other. Together they exercised, played and had fun. All the things they both loved to do, they did together in order to get accustomed to each other.

Today, after year’s worth of effort, we can truly say these two are friends. They live together and also visit and educate the world about importance of cheetahs conservation and Busch Garden’s efforts in doing so. As unusual as it might be, this friendship is really strong. Employees at Busch Gardens think it will last for life.

Cheetahs and dogs, although it may not seem so, have much in common. Cheetahs are animals that are active by day, so are dogs. Cheetah males live in coalitions, similar to dogs living in packs.

And how this amazing friendship looks like, see below:

Also it’s worth mentioning that cheetahs are the fastest land animals. They can run up to 65 mph and reach the speed of 45 mph in 2 seconds.

These beautiful African cats are still not endangered species, but are listed as vulnerable by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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Meet Fifi, The Bear That Finally Got Her Freedom After 30 Years

Fifi’s fate is a sad one. Thirty years ago, as a little baby, she came to Pennsylvania roadside zoo. Even as a baby, she was forced to preform various tricks for the visitors. One of tricks was to stand on her back legs. For ten years Fifi entertained guests and then the zoo closed.

Sadly, Fifi’s life didn’t get any better. Next 20 years, Fifi stayed in a little rusty cage. Only thing in it was a little dog house. Fifi couldn’t even fit in it. Skinny, hungry and with filthy and coarse coat Fifi suffered in her cage for long two decades. In time, she started suffering from arthritis. Pain was sharp and there was no there to help her.

Image: PETA, This is FIFI before she was rescued!

In July of 2015, PETA and Wild Animal Sanctuary decided to help this suffering bear. The question was how Fifi will adapt to life in nature, when she spent her whole life in captivity. She was transferred to Colorado facility of WAS. Such an environment any animal deserve. Everyone hoped that after all that time, Fifi will be able to recover from the life before. Time passed by…

And after 5 months, Fifi made it through. Her appearance completely changed. She gained weight, her fur is shiny and snowy white. Her appearance became magnificent again. And this girl lives a life now that she deserves. After 30 years of captivity, Fifi will be able to do into hibernation for the first time.

And how Fifi’s rescue went, you can watch below:

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Meet Einstein, The Most Talkative Parrot In The World!

She is fabulous, unforgettable, she is Einstein! Albert Einstein might have been the smartest man in the world, but Einstein, African Grey Parrot, is certainly one of the smartest animals in the world. She knows more than 200 words and sounds.

Einstein gained his fame in “Pet Star” competition on Animal Planet in 2006. She mesmerised millions and became a favourite to many.

Her trainer is Stephanie White. She says Einstein is a fast-learner because of sunflower seed that she loves. Every time she would say the word correctly, she would get her favourite seed. It no wonder she mastered over 200 words.

Einstein lives in Zoo Knoxville in Knoxville, Tennessee. Thanks to that, she learned how to imitate the sounds of wild animals. But how she learned to imitate evil villain laugh and Santa Claus laugh we can only guess.

This extraordinary parrot participates in Zoo’s Bird Show with aim to educate thousands of visitors about nature each year. Einstein is a super star of this show and her biggest fans are kids.

Congo African Grey Parrot -head detail
African Grey Parrot Photo by L.Miguel Bugallo Sánchez [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
African grey parrots inhabit West and Central Africa. In nature they too imitate sounds, build nests in the trees and when they find partner they stay with him for life.

These parrots are known for their intelligence. When one parrot got lost, he repeated the name and address of his owner over and over again. He was returned home quickly. This unusual case happened in Japan and confirms that African grey parrots are truly remarkable animals.

This year Einstein turned 30, so zoo organised a little party.

What kind of peanuts she likes, what she thinks about space ships and which cats she knows to imitate, see below:

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You’ll Be Amazed How Good This Bird Mimic Is – Superb Lyrebirds!

Superb lyrebird is a bird that lives down below in Australia. This bird is the best mimic in the world. It can mimic almost any sound in nature. Although it sings during whole year, the most vocal is during mating season in July and August. It can that sing up to 4 hours a day then.

Their melody is quite unique. It a mixture of their song and sounds they mimic. Apart from melody of other birds, they can imitate koalas, dingoes, car engine, sound of camera, child toys, chainsaws… Literally anything that comes to mind.

Not every bird needs to hear certain melody. It is enough for one lyrebird to hear the sound of chainsaw and soon the whole flock will know it. Pretty spectacular, right?
No one knows why lyrebirds have this amazing capability, but, the fact is, they can deceive even the most attentive ears.


This recording was made in Australia in Healesville Sanctuary Wildlife Park, a rural part of Victoria. Various animals live here, but it stands out by one thing. Namely, this is one of two places in the whole world where platypus lives.

Superb lyrebirds are large birds, up to three feet tall. They live up to 30 years and don’t fly. Like peacocks, males have beautiful tail feathers that can take 7 years to grow. Male of this species is on the back of 10 Australian cents.

These birds really are the natural treasure of Australia, and the whole world.
And how super lyre birds mimic, you can listen below:

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See What Koko, Talking Gorilla, Wished For Her Birthday!

Meet Koko! Koko is 46-year-old Western Lowland Gorilla. She celebrates her birthday every year in company of her best friend Penny Paterson. Penny knows Koko since she was a little baby. To be more precise, from 1971. This unusual friendship started as a project.

Koko receiving birthday cards! Credit

Then 24-year-old graduate student of Stanford University, Penny met Koko at San Francisco Zoo. She knew that chimpanzees can learn ASL (American Sign Language), so, as a PhD project, she chose to teach gorilla sign language. That’s when she met a few months old baby gorilla. That’s when she met Koko. Nobody could’ve imagined that these two would become inseparable.

Incredibly yet Koko mastered even 400 signs as a baby. Each year her vocabulary grew. Today, Koko knows over 1.000 ALS signs and over 2.000 English language words. Apart from this success, even bigger one is relationship that Koko and Penny have.

Those who know Penny claim that Koko is like a child to her. They adore each other. Koko communicates with Penny about everything. About movies, food, presents and emotions.

Koko loves babies very much. Although there were attempts for Koko to become mother, that, sadly never happened. But, Koko doesn’t let that discourage her.

For this birthday Penny prepared a big surprise for Koko. What’s it about, see below:

What a surprise! Ms. Grey and Ms. Black will have very extraordinary new owner.

More information about life of Koko and Penny you can find out at The Gorilla Foundation.

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