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Elephant Goes To Sleep In The Most Beautiful Way

If you ever wondered how to get elephant to sleep, today you’ll get your answer. Apparently, these gentle giants like lullabies.

Faa Mai, seven-year-old female elephant, falls asleep as soon as she hears lullaby. She is one of the elephants, whose herd lives in Thailand. Lek, woman whom takes care of her, and Faa Mai have a special relationship. Relationship filled with love and trust. They really adore each other.

“Two of us communicate with love” – says Lek.

Faa Mai, often hugs her friend with her long trunk.

Lek Chailhert is not only caretaker of Faa Mai, but also a founder of Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. In this park, along Faa Mai live a lot of other elephants. They come here to rehabilitate, after being rescued. They live here, in natural habitat, surrounded with love.

Lek always loved animals. Even as girl, she spent a lot of time with them. In her family, everybody love animals. Her grandfather was shaman. Beside healing people, he also helped animals. Today, Lek continues tradition. She advocated for rights and welfare of Asian elephants.

In her free time, Lek likes to sing. And when she starts singing, Faa slowly lays on the ground. Lowers her ears, curls her trunk and finally closes her eyes. Magic moment, right?

Take a look at the video below:

Lek Chailhert’s mission continues. She never gives up.

Let us hope that someday all the elephants will feel the love that Faa Mai have.

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