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Kittens Are Sweet, Cuddly and Curious! Puppies Are Playful And Full Of Energy! You Have To See Their First Encounter!

Kittens! Even the word makes you warm and fuzzy inside! There is nothing sweeter than a kitten cuddling!
What about puppies? Little energy furballs, always looking for new adventure! Playful is their second name, and if you not careful you can easily spend hours just having fun with them.

And when you mix these two up, you get the most adorable thing ever.
In a video below, two carriers where brought, one full of puppies and the second full of kittens. The doors were opened and they were left to meet.

What do you think who was first to go out of the carrier, kitten or puppy?
The answer might in not surprising… One brave kitten flew right out of the box as door opened, and started exploring new territory. It was soon followed by its brothers and sisters.

Puppies were not that brave. At fist they stayed close together in their carrier, not really sure what’s happening and what are those little jumpy creatures.

But, as soon as they were sure no harm will came to them, they came out of the box, and joined the kittens in play. Is there anything cuter that this?

Watch their first encounter here:

If this doesn’t make your day, nothing will!
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