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Meet Mister Cornelius, Not So Ordinary Pug

When he was brought to shelter nobody believed that he will ever leave. Blue eyes, light snout and light fur without color were main reasons. Unusual appearance for dog.

When you look outside and it's doing that snow thing again….

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But, his future parents knew they have to adopt him when they saw him.

“Maybe he looks weird and different, but we love him so much”- explain his parents.

With such a unusual dog, name had to be special. Mr Cornelius really suits him, right?

And if you wonder if Mr. Cornelius is healthy, he sure is. His condition might be unusual, but it’s harmless. It’s called leucism, and is resembling albinism in humans. He just doesn’t have pigment, but is completely healthy otherwise.

Mr. Cornelius apart from good looks, have quite a unique character. He loves to bathe. He bathes even when in visit.

“Cornelius, when visiting friends, sneaks to their bathroom and waits for a bath!” his parents say.

Besides that, he really doesn’t like other dogs. Almost none. His only friend, whom he lives with, is Bowie. He is pug too. They get along well.

Mr. Cornelius likes to play. But, only with orange toys. His color is orange, and why, no one knows.

This little munchkin even had a chance to encounter another dog like him. She is a girl named Migzy. What a pair they are.

Meet Mr. Cornelius:

Check out this cute video @thedodo made about me and my family!

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