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Happy birthday, dear Kengut!!!

Malayan Tapirs, often called cute giants, are actually the biggest tapirs in the world. Although big in size, they are completely harmless in nature. They spend their days sleeping, but night is the fun time for these animals, as they are nearly blind. Nothing gives Malayan tapir more pleasure than the long bath. They are not predators and feed mainly on grass. Luckily, other animals do not hunt them, as they are too big a bite. To be precise 1000 pound big bite 🙂 🙂


Black and white, with distinctive pattern, they remind other animals of a big round stone, giving them opportunity to sleep anywhere anytime, completely secure that no harm will come to them. As you can guess by now, tapir is certainly not the most hardworking or the fastest fellow, but definitely is one of the cutest.

In wild, they can live up to 12 years, and the oldest tapir in Europe is Kingut, celebrating his 39th birthday. For this special occasion, Kingut received a little cake and a lot of fun.

Animal Lovers, let us protect our planet and all the living creatures on it.