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See What Animals Are Doing In Santa Barbara Zoo, While Fires Still Burn In California?

As we all know, wildfires are raging in Southern California. About 500 animals in Santa Barbara Zoo are waiting to start breathing normally again. Zoo is not in the evacuation zone, but smoke and smog are everywhere, and quality of air is really low.

As Thomas fire slowly spreads in the north, we are wondering what is happening with animals at the Zoo? Well, concerned zoo staff decided to close the zoo for two days, on Sunday and Monday. And what is this about?

For animals not to inhale smog and soot, they were closed inside. And for them not to get bored, the animal care staff provided them enrichment, such as toys, treats and puzzles. Apparently, apart from being safe inside, the staff also cares about their entertainment.

And how some of the smallest members of zoo have fun, watch here:

This little one are rally having fun, right?

And that there is no reason for concern, zoo director also confirmed. Nancy McToldridge posted on Twitter.

“We drill for and are prepared for emergencies.”

Also they report, they are taking all the necessary measures to keep animals and staff safe.
And while we all hope that evacuation won’t be necessary, we know that, at least for now, these animals are doing fine.

Let us remind that about 8.500 firefighters are fighting 6 wildfires raging in Southern California. Last week, Thomas fire burned area of about 230.000 acres and it is considered one of the 5 biggest fires in US history.

Animal Lovers, Let us pray for all affected by this disaster!

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99 Year Sentence For Animal Cruelty Might Sound Dramatic, But In Fact…

When Nick Patterson, 30, from Alex City, Alabama was sentenced to 99 years of prison for animal abuse few years ago, world was struck. Many animal welfare advocates welcomed this punishment as a big step forward in animal welfare fight.

Patterson was accused for starvation and neglect of Collies on his grandparents property. Police found 14 Collies that had only dirty rain water to drink, and were fed irregularly. Also, 6 collie remains were found on the property.

Assistant District Attorney Damon Lewis said -” If you hurt child or an animal in Tallaposa County, you go to prison.”

When Patterson realized he was going to prison, he tried to flee police and committed three more misconducts of credit card fraud.

When he was arrested, he was charged with 12 counts of aggravated cruelty, 2 counts of animal cruelty, 7 counts of failure to burn or bury animal remains and even 54 counts of financial transaction card fraud, according to Alex City Outlook.

He was sentenced for 99 years of prison, but there’s a catch. All of the sentences he is serving run simultaneously. So, for one of the worst cases of animal cruelty, total time spent in prison is 3 years. And that is mostly due to the charges of credit card fraud. It doesn’t seem that much now, does it?

Nick Patterson, 30

What do you think, how long should be punishment for animal cruelty?

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While Wildfires Rage In LA And Ventura County This Is What’s Happening With Animals?

Large number of wildfires destroyed around 230.000 acres in Ventura County and Los Angeles. On social media, message is shared on how to help wild animals. Namely, if you live in an area near the fires, leave water in your yard for wild animals.

Source: Snopes

But, some experts don’t agree with that. John Griffin, director of urban wildlife for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), has a bit different opinion.

“Wild animals are pretty resilient. They know how to find food or water. What they don’t know is how to interact with humans. That can cause problems” – explains Griffin. “Of course, if we are talking about injured animal, that’s different set of circumstances. They can’t manage that easily.”

Also, Peter Tira, a spokesperson for California Department of Fish and Wildlife, agrees with Griffin.

“Fire or no fire, let wild animals be.”

And while wild animals may flee freely, many domestic animals are locked. The worst is for horses.
On Saturday, thousands of thoroughbreds frantically fled Lilac fire. This was happening in San Luis Ray Training Center, 45 miles north of San Diego.
Trainer Linda Thrash of Bonsall was in the middle of that chaos, trying to save 41 horse.

“At one point, fire got too close. Only thing left was to free the horses. There was no time for anything else.” – said Linda.

We are praying for people and animals affected by this disaster:

Animal Lovers, if you can help the animals, please do!

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They Wanted To Put Him to Sleep When He Was One Day Old, But Life Had Different Plans For Him. Meet The Two-Faced Cat!

He is irresistible, and certainly unrepeatable, meet Frank and Louie. Cat with two faces. They are extremely rare and called Janus cats. They got their name from Janus, Roman god with two faces.

His owner Marty Stevens met Frank&Louie when he was only one day old. He was brought by breeder to Tufts Veterinary Clinic, where Martha worked as a veterinary nurse. He wanted to put him to sleep. But, Martha wanted to give this unusual kitten a chance. She offered to take him, although it was not expected for him to survive more than a few days. These cat often die a few hours after they are born.

But, Frank and Louie didn’t die that day, nor the next one. This cat with two noses, two mouth and three eyes decided to live. He grew and, at one point, he stared to see.

“He first opened eye in the middle, the one without function. When he was little, he looked like a Cyclops” – says Marty.

Although he has two mouths, only Frank’s are connected to esophagus. So we could say, that Frank eats for two.
On September the 8th, 2011 they turned 12, which made this cat the oldest Janus cat in the world. But, this cat lived to ripe old age of 15. Frank and Louie hold a Guinness World Record as oldest Janus Cat in the world.

How the day of this extraordinary cat looks like, watch below:

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The Disasters Of Animal Hoarding

Hoarding is one of the worst types of animal cruelty. Not all people with a lot of animals are hoarders. One of the tell-tales that someone is hoarder is collecting large number of animals, without giving them a proper care. Sometimes, even hundreds of animals live together, without enough food and water and no medical care. Unlike other types of abuse, this one can last for years.

It is important to talk about this subject, because every year around 250.000 animals, mostly cats and dogs end up with hoarders. Their fate is tragic. They often perish due to poor nutrition and untreated infections. And they spend their life in terrible conditions.

Consequences of Animal Hording

Place where hoarders live are often pestiferous. According to statistics, even 72% of all hoarders are women, and victims of hoarding are most often cats. They are closely followed by dogs, but hoarder can collect any animal.

These individuals often suffer from some kind of mental health issue, most often from attachment disorders, delusional thinking, obsessive-compulsive behavior and depression. They believe they are doing a good deed and yet what they are doing is animal abuse.

Once a hoarder always a hoarder. The only way to stop them is for them get permanent ban on keeping animals. Even when all the animals are taken from them, hoarders will at some point start collecting again.

We can help most by educating others. If you know someone who is hoarder, contact local humane society, police department or Animal Legal Defense Fund. They can provide necessary help both to animals and to a hoarder.

Although hoarding is a huge problem, only Illinois and Hawaii have animal hoarding specific laws. In other states, hoarding falls under animal cruelty laws.

See below how one of the worst cases of hoarding looks like. These dogs were found in rural part of Arizona, and rescue operation was led by The Humane Society of the United States:

Animal Lovers, let’s educate as many people about this and share!

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This Baby Elephant Was All Alone, Then Something Great Happened

Little baby elephant “Dok Geaw” was all alone in the world. This almost two-year-old baby lost his mother. Fortunately, good people decided to contact Elephant Nature Park in an attempt to help him.

In Thailand, there are many abandoned elephants. Since 1989, teak logging of elephants have been banned, so people started abandoning elephants massively. Some have been struck with even worse fate. They were sold to be a part of tourist attraction.

In order to help these beautiful and smart animals, Lek Chailhert founded Elephant Nature Park. This is a place for rehabilitation of elephants. They are given a new chance to live in natural habitat. After the painful life they led, they easily adapt to new life in nature. Asian elephants really need help.

In 2010, there were 33 elephants. They live in herds and form very deep interpersonal relationships. Apart from elephants, dogs, cats, and even buffaloes live in this park also. All of the animals live together, without cages and fences.

This beautiful park is in Northern Thailand in Mae Taeng District. It is financed in quite unusual way. Namely, tourist can come to the park, meet the elephants, help out and pay for that. They can stay there up to 28 days, and price for seven-days visit is around $400. Splendid way to spend your vacation, right?

Beside warm welcoming park’s guests, elephants most warmly welcome new members to the herd. And how meeting of Dok Geaw and herd went, you can watch in a video below:

Animal Lovers, Enjoy our stories and Share!

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Amazing Friendship Between Cat Ruth And Dachshund Idgie Will Never Be Forgotten

When in 2014, a paralyzed cat and a tiny dachshund were found together, nobody thought their story would travel around the world. Story about one extraordinary friendship. They were picked up by Seminole County Animal Services. And then the fortune smiled up on them.

This unusual couple completely charmed Jackie Borum. She was working in pet grooming store in Lane Mary, Fl. She adopted them together, never wanting them to be apart. Because of amazing friendship they have she named them Idgie and Ruth, after the characters from “Fried Green Tomatoes”.

“Visitors of Hollywood Houndz bring them presents. Here they have attention they need. Even 14 moms are taking care of them. “– says Jackie.

They sleep, live and even share toys together. Idgie protects her friend from other dogs, never letting her out of her sight. Ruth is a cat that moves difficulty. Her paws are curled inward and, thus, she drags her body. Every move is hard to make. But, Idgie is the there to ease her pain, keep her company and support her. They keep each other safe.

Jackie took Ruth to numerous vets to try to help her. But, unfortunately, her disability is permanent. By the beginning of 2016, Ruth’s condition took turn for the worse. She was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Fearing that her end is approaching, Jackie organised the party. They celebrated second anniversary of Idgie and Ruth’s rescue at Hollywood Houndz. Ruth and Idgie received a lot of presents and love. Lovely party for this amazing duo.

Jackie Borum is amazing fighter, not only for her animals, but for all animals. She founded a non profit organization Project Paws that helps cover veterinarian costs for abandoned and abused animals. Mascots of this organization are, of course, Idgie and Ruth.

Ruth condition got worse and in July last year Ruth left us forever. Idgie lost her best friend.
But the story of this beautiful friendship will stay in our hearts forever. Animals can really teach us a lot of stuff, right?

And how this duo spent their days, you can see below:

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How Cats See Humans And Other Interesting Cat Facts

Cats are our favorite animals. According to statistics, there are 14 million homes more with a cat than with a dog as pet. And why wouldn’t there be, as it is known that cat owners are more healthy and get heart related diseases less frequently.

Cats were an inspiration to many. For example, Nikola Tesla started researching electricity when his cat The Cat caused static shock. And ancient Egyptians adored them as deities.

If you are a cat person, know that you’re nor alone. There are 800 million of us in the world (11.5% of planet’s population have cats) .


Cat are really irresistible. Elegant and fluffy, anytime when we think of them, we get emotional. Lying back on the couch or bed, it may seem to us that they are always asleep. Well, that’s not far from truth… Believe it or not, nine-year-old cat has been awake for only 3 years of its life. Kittens sleep because they have to, as only while sleeping they release growth hormone. Adult cats sleep beacause they can.

Although big sleepyheads, they are also big hunters. They can hear mice, even when our ear doesn’t register any sound. They hear ultrasonic sounds, which mice use for communication. In theory, they could even hear dolphins.

It is proven, that if you want to extend your cats life for 2 or 3 years, you should get it neutered,

And if you’re interested to know which cat had most offsprings, that was cat Dusty. She had 420 kittens during her life.

And how cats see us humans, you can watch below:

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Is Augusto Deoliveira The Best Dog Whisperer In The World Or Is Truth Somewhat Different?

When Augusto Deoliveira walked with his dogs through Boston, Massachusetts, the whole world was amazed. This video has about 10 million views on YouTube. Dogs without the leash following closely their pack leader. They don’t part from him even for a second and they are not even distracted by unfamiliar sounds. Remarkable, right?

After this video was published Augusto Deoliveira rose to stardom quickly. He imposed himself as a big dog expert, who not only knows with his own dogs, but has an amazing gift to train any dog. A man whom dogs can really understand.

He was born in Brazil and grew up on a farm, where he lived with a lot of dogs. He spent his whole life with them. And now he has a German Shepherds kennel called Griffin Shepherds Kennels. Also, he trains his own dogs.

But, for the last few years, Deoliveira has been plagued by controversies. From the rumors that he doesn’t vaccinate his dogs, to the questioning of his training methods. One woman even claimed on her private account that he sold her a sick puppy. On a Facebook page The Truth About Griffin Shepherds Kennels there are videos about Deoliveira’s training methods.

Whether these accusations are legit or not, we don’t know, it’s up to you to decide. The fact remains that Deoliveira moved to South Carolina and has a new kennel The Ultimate German Shepherds. And why, remains also unknown.

What do you think about dog training?

And how his dogs walked through Boston, MA, you can watch below:

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Meet Freddy, The Biggest Dog In the World!

Freddy, The Great Dane, is the Guinness World Record holder for being the biggest dog in the world. He weighs amazing 14.5 pounds. Freddy comes from Great Britain, from the city Leigh-on-sea, Essex. This giant lives with his sister Fleur and their proud mama Claire Stoneman. Although they are from the same litter and as a babies they didn’t differ much, Freddy grew much bigger then Fleur.

When Freddy was just a “little” pup, nothing pointed that he would grow to be the biggest dog in the world.

“I took him earlier from his litter as he was not feeding from his mother anymore. Who would have thought that he would grow so much.” – said Clair.

With such a large dog, even a simple walk presents a challenge. Every morning, Clair wakes up very early and takes Freddy for a walk.

“If Freddy runs after another dog, I won’t be able to stop him.” – explains Clair, who is smaller than her dog.

When Freddy raises himself on his hind legs he 7ft 6in tall, and Clair is “only” 5ft 4in. I think it clear now why they go for early morning walks.

While they were in puberty, these cuties, like most dogs, were mischievous. When Freddy and Fleur were young they loved to eat sofas. Opposed to smaller dogs, that cannot wreck that much chaos, they chewed as many as 23 sofas. Although, if it any consolation, in time they learned it much better to sit on them, then to eat them.

How much these fluffsters eat say the fact that Clair spends 12.5 thousands pounds each year on their food. Freddy alone can 2.2 lbs of minced meat, 9 oz of casserole steak and 10.5 oz of liver each day. But he like most the roast chicken and peanut butter toast. Chicken as a snack, what an appetite, right?

But all of their mischiefs are quickly forgiven.

“They are like my children, it nice when someone needs you. A they really do need me. They are my number one priority in life!” – concludes Clare.

And how a life with two Great Danes looks like, see below:

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