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This Baby Elephant Was All Alone, Then Something Great Happened

Little baby elephant “Dok Geaw” was all alone in the world. This almost two-year-old baby lost his mother. Fortunately, good people decided to contact Elephant Nature Park in an attempt to help him.

In Thailand, there are many abandoned elephants. Since 1989, teak logging of elephants have been banned, so people started abandoning elephants massively. Some have been struck with even worse fate. They were sold to be a part of tourist attraction.

In order to help these beautiful and smart animals, Lek Chailhert founded Elephant Nature Park. This is a place for rehabilitation of elephants. They are given a new chance to live in natural habitat. After the painful life they led, they easily adapt to new life in nature. Asian elephants really need help.

In 2010, there were 33 elephants. They live in herds and form very deep interpersonal relationships. Apart from elephants, dogs, cats, and even buffaloes live in this park also. All of the animals live together, without cages and fences.

This beautiful park is in Northern Thailand in Mae Taeng District. It is financed in quite unusual way. Namely, tourist can come to the park, meet the elephants, help out and pay for that. They can stay there up to 28 days, and price for seven-days visit is around $400. Splendid way to spend your vacation, right?

Beside warm welcoming park’s guests, elephants most warmly welcome new members to the herd. And how meeting of Dok Geaw and herd went, you can watch in a video below:

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