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You Wouldn’t Believe How Cute Mini Zebu Is

Cows are adorable animals. With their with trusting eyes and their gentle souls they would be the perfect pet, right? There is only problem with their size as they are too big and demand large pasture for feeding.
Well, farmers across US are breeding special sort of cows that are only 35 inches tall and many people are stating to keep theses mini cows as pets.
Miniature cattle breeds are usually created by selective breeding. This is where you select smaller specimens from a breed and mix only these specimens. But, Miniature Zebu is a true breed of miniature cows, as they developed into species without human involvement.

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What is special about Zebu cows is that they look like fawns when fully grown. They have well developed humps, which are more prominent in males. They are very friendly, have short sleek coats and can weigh form 200 to 300 pounds.
This breed is so docile you can easily halter-train them and they are considered safe for children and elderly. They can live for up to 25 years with good care and are immune to most tropical diseases.

These mini cows are sooooo cute, you’re gonna fall in love with them instantly:

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